Author & MindStir Media president JJ Hebert
  • J.J. Hebert is the author of two bestselling books, with over 100,000 copies sold worldwide. His novel, Unconventional, is one of the most successful self-published inspirational books in the world, landing atop numerous bestseller lists.
  • He is a prominent blogger who writes about self-publishing and book marketing.
  • As a social media influencer and expert online marketing professional, J.J. uses his knowledge and online reach to market MindStir Media books and services. As an example, a couple of his well-known Facebook pages — his author J.J. Hebert Facebook page and the MindStir Media page — cater to authors/book lovers; have over 50,000 fans combined; and reach approximately 120,000 people in about 45 countries on a monthly basis (as of September 2015).
  • In his role as President of MindStir Media LLC, J.J. has helped produce hundreds of books for authors throughout the United States. Some of those books are bestsellers and even award winners.
  • J.J. has provided thousands of publishing consultations. Schedule a free publishing consultation with J.J. Hebert right now.
  • The Good Men Project hailed J.J. as “The Self-Publishing Guru.”